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About A9playofficialmy Deposit Guideline

Step 1: Go to “Me” > “Wallet” > “Top up” on a9playofficialmy.com.

Step 2: Choose a bank that will allow you to easily deposit or transfer money (Note: If you are going to select this bank, the bank account will be tied to your account and cannot be changed immediately)

Step 3: Check the box, then press “Next” if you agree with what was read.

Step 4: After entering the recharge amount, press “Submit.”

Step 5: Click (+), add your payment or transfer information, and click “Submit.”

The recharge will take five minutes if the system confirms that you followed the instructions correctly after you wait a little while.

Please note that a9playofficialmy.com ‘s bank account name and number will fluctuate frequently. Therefore, please confirm that the bank object for the deposit or transfer matches the current bank account.